Right to Information

Most people in SriLanka like to mind their own day today businesses rather than getting involved with the things regarding their rights. Most of the SriLankans believe that the HUMAN RIGHTS are a method which was created by western countries in order to destroy our customs. SriLankan politicians always use to say that Srilankans are different from other people in the world & they should be treated in a different manner.
Through that point they are arguing that our people do not deserve human rights & democracy. They say SriLanka was well ruled by the kings in the earlier ages & the western civilization has destroyed our country. It is true that the western civilization has not let Srilanka to grow it’s own way. But SriLanka was also to be developed even under the kings. Not only in the economical aspect but also the human rights & democracy.
The government give a nice reason for not giving the RTI. They say it can be harmful to expose the information regarding the national security. But the RTI act clearly says that the government can hold the information regarding national security.
Under the RTI act their will be an officer in each & every government office for the RTI purpose. His duty is to provide information to the people. These information are mostly regarding the fiscal policy of the government. Thai means it is all about how the tax money is spent.
In recent days there was a problem regarding low quality petrol. Who has paid for this transaction? People has paid the cost through taxes. There was something illegal. So the government has decided to pay Rs 50000 each, who has got their vehicles damaged due to the low quality petrol. People are happy now. Because they get paid. But who pays that Rs 50000? The president? The ministers? The MPs? The secretaries? NO…….
They have decided how to spend our money. The money belongs to you & me.
They have decided it illegally.
Something wrong happened.
They have decided to pay for it from our money. The money belongs to you & me..
Who was punished???
No one but you & me……
It is funny huh….?
Just think a minute. The government offices have the longest legal procedures in transactions in order to prevent the froad. The get a document signed by at least 3 authorized persons before a transaction takes place. Even after that tough procedure a froad has occurred. After that happened they can’t find out the accused persons. Now, where are the documents that 3 people signed? Let’s say they are dissappierd. But can’t they remember who normally authorizes those kind of transactions?? Those affairs even they don’t know, the responsibility must be taken by the officials, in this case the secretary of the ministry & the minister must response for these things. But the minister says he doesn’t know about it. See how easily he says that. If such thing has happened in a developed country the minister is forced to resign.
In Japan 5 prime ministers resigned inside just 6 months just because they have failed to manage an accident properly. But in our precious country the ministers don’t even apologize.
If the RTI was in our country, everyone who pay taxes can ask what happened in this transaction & there is an officer who has to provide those information to the people within 31 days. Yes 31 days. You can’t hide commission reports. The thieves are exposed to the society. If the officer fails to provide information in 31 within days Rs 2.50 for each day will be deducted from his salary. So it will be transparent, it really will be.
Do you know what has happened to the,
1. Helping Hambanthota case
2. Hedgin Case
3. COPE report
4. MIGG transaction
5. Hambanthota port case
6. Weerawila Airport case
7. The sale of galleface

You don’t know?
May be you don’t care?

Do you know at least who has carpeted the road in front of your house? How much tenders received? Why the rejected ones are rejected? Why the ministers son got the tender? And at least Why the road has broken just after two months it was opened??
You may be thinking that these things are the custom of SriLanka. But remember. It is not. We are a respected nation. We are not a nation full of thieves.
RTI will not do all these stuff.
But it will be a very good first step.


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