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Hello world!

Sometimes I was scolded by my own friends for bearing some different ideas. Even in Facebook or twitter, my Ideas were little bit different. Some people mentioned that I’m a traitor to speak against what the majority say. When they appreciate the victory against the L.T.T.E I said that now the war is over & we should look forward for the people’s losses due to the war. After 2 years, other people were still living in the dream of the world & I was asking why the prices are still high. The president was a great hero for them & I was telling that he is a man who has just succeeded as a president but nothing more. He was the ගිරැවාපත්තුවෙ මහා වීරයා for them & he was just a man who tries to widen his margin of authority for me.
So I was the traitor & I was the fool according to the majority.
But there were a very few amount of people who have agreed with me. They also believed that this country is going towards disaster day by day even though the economic development has taken place. Sri Lanka will be a zoo with all the facilities in few more year if we try to just develop this country without paying attention on Human Rights & Democracy.
In a zoo the animals have all the facilities. They have food, sufficient water, a place to sleep, medicine & so many other things. The only thing they doesn’t have is freedom. In SriLanka also, we have highways, sufficient amount of rise, enough food (even it is a bit expensive), musical shows, cricket matches & so many events to keep people occupied in. In most days of the year the have fun watching cricket, getting drunk or something.
So this blog is for the people who doesn’t want to eat hay which the rulers want us to eat. If we are unable to make a difference, let’s talk even.
That will make the world a much better place…….

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